Since 1956

“if they can lay bricks…WE can …if they can have a masonry company… WE can… if they can own property, WE can!”

With ambition, hard work, commitment and family, Pockar Park was built brick by brick and building by building from the 70’s to the 80’s. Pockar Park is a family enterprise that grew from humble beginnings when the Pockar Brothers purchased the land. The brothers (Tony, Louie, Mirko and Emil) all immigrated from Yugoslavia in the 50’s and 60’s and toiled in the growing masonry business.


  • Situated on 18 acres

  • 11 buildings

  • 330,000+ square feet

  • 90+ community tenants

  • Professionally Managed\On-Site Property Management

    • Committed

    • On-The-Spot Service

    • Personal connection to the community

    • On-Site Property Maintenance ~ Beautifully groomed, manicured & maintained property during all 4 seasons

    • Construction and Project Management Services

  • Retail, manufacturing, technology, not-for-profit, media, vertical farming, food distribution, construction services, financial services, child care, engineering, environmental, wireless data solutions and oilfield diagnostics are a few of the many lines of businesses operating within the district


The district is bordered east\west by Edmonton Trail and Deerfoot with the north\south by McKnight Blvd and 32nd Ave. These access routes provide travel within the City with ease and is a central point of destination. 

Bldg E Exterior.jpg
4632 F (7).jpg
Bldg. F - Front view (621 - 46 Ave. N.E.


Unit 1, 4639 6th street NE, Calgary AB T2E 3Z6

Main Office Tel: (403) 276-5591